Why you don’t need a Juicer

If you have a powerful blender like a Vitamix or a Blendtec, then you can follow this simple procedure to make juices. I have been making my juices for years like this and they taste great! It means not having to purchase another machine and saving space in the kitchen.


Step 1) Get you ingredients together. This is one of my favorite recipes:


Water, spinach, cucumber, raw broccoli, ginger and lemon.

rawfoodddude pictures


Step 2) Blend all the ingredients together on high for 10 seconds, you won’t need much if you have a Vitamix or similar machine.


make green juice 2


Step 3) Use a mesh cloth and strain out the mixture, I use a funnel which makes it easier.

Done: Juice!!! Now the only equipment you have to clean is the mesh cloth and the blender container! Brilliant…Enjoy!

You can use this process to make any juice.