What to know before going on a raw food diet

What I have learned from experimenting with different diets is that balance is key, balance is the solution. What ever you do just remember to be balanced. Even when you eat a strict healthy diet you will not be at peak optimal health if you are not in balance, balance of body and mind. Too much of anything is not healthy, albeit fruit, nuts, seeds, or greens. A raw food diet is a detox diet and most people need to detox to flush out the toxins that have built up in their body.

Be careful not to take the raw food diet to extremes. There are are only a few reasons why someone should eat a 100% raw food diet.

1) They are using diet to cure a health condition they are suffering from.
2) They are using diet to aid spiritual transformation.
3) They are experimenting with different diets for personal interest.

A 100% raw food diet is not recommended for most people, most people do very well on a high raw vegan diet, it can be enough to bring about massive beneficial change in one’s health. If you combine your diet with nutritional supplements then you can accelerate your health.

Why aspire to be 100% raw? It is not necessarily the healthiest diet, if you live in a tropical climate with fresh fruits in abundance that you can go and pick off trees then it might be good but if you can’t do that then it is not usually recommended.

Store bought fruit and vegetables are not the same as fresh fruits and vegetables. They have lost a lot of their vitality and nutrients. Organic is better but does not compare to fruit and vegetables that you have harvested yourself. When you grow your own food it will taste a lot better and nourish you more.

If you still decide to go on a 100% raw food diet it could RADICALLY change who you are and how you see the world. Food is a powerful thing- we consume it everyday. We are food, our cells are made from the foods we have been eating! When you change your diet of course you will change: this is logical. When you eat a raw food diet be prepared for MASSIVE CHANGE. Here are a few examples of how you will change:

1) Becoming more sensitive. You will start to realize that you are more sensitive to food, water, air pollution, electro-magnetic pollution, human pollution. You will become more emotionally sensitive, you will be able to feel things more intently. Imagine experiencing all the same emotions you normally experience times 100. The raw food diet makes you stop and look at yourself and what you have been doing to yourself physically. This is good for you but is not easy.

2) The raw food diet triggers emotional baggage that you have been holding on to. We all have emotional baggage, there are things in your past that you have not dealt with. Imagine all of the things you have been repressing since childhood all coming up at the same time! One by one you will have to find a way to resolve them. These emotions need to come up to be healed, because you are eating such a healthy diet and flooding your body with so many nutrients your energy will be directed to other parts of your mind/ body system which needs attention. The emotional/ mental body could be one of them, you may find yourself going through an emotional detox.

3) Your social life will probably change, you cannot hold on to the old friends you have had if they are not mirroring you any more. The people we have in our life reflect us, we bounce off them, we want to see a part of yourself in them, a part of yourself that we find hard to experience. You will find friends who are also eating a raw food diet but perhaps not immediately.

4) Your social life and what you enjoy doing might change, you may become disinterested in the activities you used to do for fun. Sitting and eating raw cucumbers and celery could appeal to you more. So could hugging trees, visiting raw/ vegan restaurants, going to raw/ vegan pot lucks, yoga, mediation, and more creative things, and much more.

The benefits…

1) You will have more energy and vitality.

2) You will be sharper and have greater concentration.

3) You will feel better about yourself because you are treating yourself well.

4) You will feel better the more you detox

5) You will be able to connect to your spiritual source more easily.

Remember to listen to your body, this is the most important thing. Just because a diet works for someone does not mean it will work for you. This is one of the main problems with conventional medicine is the the ‘one size fits all’ approach. Treating people with the same approach and not taking into account how everybody has a uniquely functioning body. Conventional medicine treats the symptoms of disease and not the root cause.

Reasons why you need a diet tailored to you:

*Genetic factors (what did your ancestors eat?)
*Your lifestyle (how active are you?)
*Your diet history
*Health problems