The Frutarian diet

A Fruitarian diet can make you feel amazing because you are on a natural high from all the fructose you are consuming, but if you do not eat enough greens (phytonutrients), nuts and seeds (fat and protein) you will become unbalanced. You will run into nutritional deficiencies if you do not consume enough fats and protein. Depending on what you normally eat and how active you are determines how much fruit you will need to survive. Using fruit for calories you would obtain from a normal diet means you will have to seriously increase the amount of fruit you eat. It is not uncommon for a Frutarian to eat 10-30 bananas a day and a variety of other fruits. So, you may not be able to eat that much right away but you can build up.

What to consider on a Fruitarian/ Frugivore diet…

You will loose weight, watch your dental hygiene, you may not be ready for the high amounts of fructose… especially if you have a yeast infection, the high amounts of fruit you are consuming will alter your mood, and could lead to mood swings.

We are not ape’s anymore, we have evolved from eating a high fruit diet, and leaves. Our ancestors have eaten all kinds of wild foods and our digestive systems have adapted as a result. Our bodies have developed over thousands of years, there are some foods that we crave like sugar, salt and fat because our genetics are programmed which helped our ancestors survive over winter months.

A study by a team of researchers at the University of Aberdeen have uncovered a genetic switch that explains cravings for high-fatty foods and alcohol. The switch controls the gelanin gene, which when turned on in an area of the brain called the hypothalamus regulates appetite and thirst. The study shows this switch also known as an enhancer has remained unchanged for 300 million years. It is more active in Europeons than Asians.

My point is that our bodies have developed over millions of years and so if we change our diet radically we must do it gently and give ourselves time to adapt. Just eliminating a food group can throw you into survival mode and lead to more problems than it’s worth. You will almost certainly end up back where you started if you do not have the correct approach. Look at what foods you are attached to and search for healthier alternatives.

A 100% Frutarian diet can be a good detox but is not sustainable in the long run for most people. Every food has negative and positive effects. What is sensible is to eliminate the foods that have more negative than positive effects such as meat and dairy and keep the foods which have the most amount of positive effects like fruits, vegetables, seeds, nut and sprouted grains.