• Hi, I'm the Raw food dude, I've been on this journey of raw food and super healthy living for the last 10 years. I decided to turn my passion into a lifestyle choice/ career. My ambition is to make market meals and festival food healthy, delicious, and free of intolerances so that everybody can enjoy. I started this journey of raw health because I wanted to find the best diet which offered me the most amount of nutrients. I felt better on a predominantly vegan diet with a lot of veg, seeds, nuts and some fruit. I have to be careful of fruit because I have type 1 diabetes. Since embarking on this diet I have noticed a significant improvement in my blood sugar levels. I can say without a doubt that a low-carb, vegan diet (high in vegan sources of fat and protein) have proven to me their health offering properties. I only got into juicing about 3 years ago, when I did I knew it was what I was missing, it provided me with so much energy that I started to juice almost every day. I then turned into a business because I loved it so much. The high raw, vegan diet is so powerful because it attempts to provide only the most nutrient-dense foods which have minimal negative affect. 

    We make a variety of raw juices, smoothies and scrumptious lunches at events in the South-East England. Raw fruit beverages have living properties which make them easy to digest and absorb all the living nutrition. They have many health properties including B vitamins and minerals, they contain less sugar than a packaged drink and are not pasteurized which means they retain all their natural goodness.

    When you buy a juice/ smoothie from my stall it's made right in front of you, completely fresh, it's not sitting in a bottle losing nutrients or pasteurized in factory, it doesn't have any syrup, or dairy added to it to alter the flavour. You get a drink which really does you good and generally feel good after it.. You really will feel the difference! I am constantly looking on how to improve the recipes and how to introduce new and exciting nutritious drinks into the market. I believe that when you buy a caffeinated beverage or fresh juice it should be 100% pure and contain living nutrients that will enhance your health.

    This year we will be trading at London market's and various well-being and healthy living events.

    if you have an enquiry about our services or would like to make a booking then please do use the online form to get in touch!

    To good health! Justin