My journey into raw food by Justin Sagen

I started my journey into the raw living foods five years ago when someone mentioned  a raw food diet to me on the train when I got home I immediately looked it up I was amazed that I hadn’t heard of it before, thinking I was in the know when it came to healthy living and diets. I was absolutely fascinated by this diet and felt an immediate attraction pulling me to trying it. I began eating more and more raw foods, firstly eating my vegetables raw and then starting to sprout grains, and eating more nuts and seeds.

I was already a pescotarian and very healthy so it was not as tough for me as others coming from a regular diet. I noticed my energy levels did increase and I noticed a significant improvement in my health, my skin, vision, concentration and my overall health. I started to find out about superfoods and buying things like maca, ginseng, raw cacao, bee products, and algae’s like spirulina and chlorella. I became quickly hooked since first experiencing the magic I have been using superfoods almost everyday. I love my maca, my coconut and chia seeds, my favourite treat is raw chocolate which I make myself.

How I manage type one diabetes with raw food

I have type one diabetes which I developed as a child, I wondered if the raw food diet could help.  After watching the movie ‘Raw for 30 days’ where people with diabetes go to the ‘Tree of life rejuvenation centre’ in Arizona I became inspired. They mostly treat people using raw food and special supplements with type two diabetes and get them off medication. I have heard of them achieving significant results with type one diabetes so I plan to go there in the near future. Until then I am making steps myself to heal my body and improve my condition. I am taking less insulin since adopting a raw foods diet but my values will change from day to day according to my activities and what I eat. Recently I was in Ibiza on a raw foods holiday and I was taking about half of what I usually take at home, I was eating a lot less fatty foods, and sweet foods with more exercise which would explain it, naturally I was very pleased with the result.
How I manage the diabetes with raw food

People with diabetes are told they must eat a lot of carbohydrates and then offset the sugar with insulin injections everyday. I have found this to be the worst possible advise after managing type one diabetes for 14 years. Cooked grains and carbohydrate are very heavy foods which contain a lot of sugar, if you do not burn off that sugar with exercise then you may gain weight. I have found that limiting my sugar/ carb intake and replacing it with healthy fats from coconut, avocado’s, nuts and seeds helps control my diabetes a lot better. I need less insulin for these foods because they contain less sugar and they are better for my health. Eating a high-carb diet coming from cooked starches is not good for most people. We have all learnt as children to rely on cooked grains and starches to be the staple of our diet but this is not the most optimal fuel for our body. A massive increase in high-carb foods in the last 40 years has taken it’s tole on our health and now most westerners are over-weight. The western diet has also contributed to increases in heart disease, type two diabetes, and many other chronic diseases.

When I go to the see the nurse for a check up they are always surprised at my good levels of health. I tell them what I eat and what I do for my health and they do not argue with me. If I took their advice of eating a high-carb diet at every meal then I would have less energy and be on higher doses of insulin by now. Thankfully, I did some research myself and found out the truth. What I have discovered regarding diet and health is shocking and everyone should be aware of the consequences of eating a regular cooked diet.

After discovering raw food I started to experiment in the kitchen with the superfoods and raw foods, I got myself a few raw food recipe books and started making things. Later I managed to afford a Vitamix and dehydrator. I have been surprised at how good a lot of recipes have tasted, the preparation is certainly something to get used to which may require a personal change in your life but it is definitely worth it. Many people think raw food would not taste as good as cooked food but if you get it right it can taste bloody incredible! I just make sure that I plan what I want to make now in advance. It’s annoying when you want to make something from a recipe and it says something like ‘now add the pumpkin seeds you have been soaking for 4 hours.’

The flavours offered from raw food preparation can be a lot more intense than cooked food: Fermenting and marinating foods can be delicious. Eating a raw food meal is a completely different experience than eating a cooked meal, you will eat slower, you enjoy it more and savour the tastes, you know it is good for you so you appreciate the meal a lot more. Eating this way supports life, flow and energy, it enlivens your senses and brings more joy into your life. After every living food meal you should feel good and have energy. It makes sense to me that after eating we should have energy and not feel overburdened with digestion.

Conscious eating

Eating raw food should be eaten consciously, that means proper mastication to get the most benefits from it. We eat several times a day and it is an important daily event. When you eat raw living foods it becomes a celebration and not a chore. This alone can make an improvement in your life especially if food is important to you. The great thing is you can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want and never gain any weight. Seeds and nuts are not nearly as calorific as meat, and cooked grains. Many people suffer from weight problems because they are eating the wrong type of food for optimal health, you could eat all day if you are eating the right type of food: fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and sprouted grains. If you replace what you currently eat with highly nutritious, raw living food then they will maintain a normal weight. You do not need to eat as much cooked, sugary foods when you eat highly nutritious food because it satisfies you and leaves you fuller for longer.

It’s about replacing the foods you love with mock foods that are good for you such as raw vegan cheesecake and ice-cream. When you have the right stuff in your body then your cravings will start to dissolve. Imagine you are on a journey travelling higher and higher, soon you will be so high that foods that have many negative consequences for your body will not interest you anymore, you will be beyond all that. I used to love fish and have it 2-3 times a week until one day I just lost interest, I just didn’t want it anymore, I was putting all the good stuff into my body and so I didn’t need it as much. I have experienced that with crisps, chips, sugary snacks and lots of cooked food meals. They start to slip away as your consciousness loses interest in it. We are creatures of habit and if you begin to eat better quality foods you will start to form new patterns in your brain. At some point your brain will calculate that the unhealthy foods you have loved so much are just not worth it anymore and the cravings and love for them start to disappear. You will find better, healthy and more highly nutritious foods to eat which satisfy you more. There is a plethora of raw food cuisine you could feast on if you do some research online or get a raw food preparation book. You will be amazed at some of the most easy to make, nutritious, and delicious foods that you can find.

What do I eat?

Now I eat a mostly raw vegan diet with plenty of superfoods. Mostly greens, vegetables, sprouted grains, fruit and superfoods. I am always researching amazing foods, herbs, and other more unusual substances that can enhance my level of health. The raw food diet has started me on a journey of self-discovery, finding out more and more about my body everyday, I am continuously learning and evolving. I have noticed that eating this way has changed the way I perceive food. I now need a lot less food than before I started this journey, and I find that I have more energy. This may seem strange but it is because I eat more nutritionally dense food and so need less of it which makes sense. I have been through many cravings and broken through addictions. By adding in the superfoods, herbs, and taking the right supplements you can get beyond cravings very quickly. Add in the best foods and medicine and everything else will fall away. It is important to be gentle with yourself and not to treat it like a diet, people on diets force themselves to eat in a way that they do not enjoy and so naturally they will rebel from it.

I have met raw fooder’s who do not eat much anymore and I have even met a breatharian who eats almost nothing and can survive exclusively on air. These people are hard to conceive for the average person but they do exist and they have a way receiving energy without food, food is not the only source of fuel in this world. A raw food diet is a highly spiritual diet that can take you beyond your bodily constraints. In the Essene gospel of peace Jesus advocates the raw food diet but it has been around long before the time of Jesus to monks and yogis which thrived thousands of years ago. Raw food’s was part of their practise to achieve spiritually enlightened states of mind and now you have the opportunity to do the same.