Easy raw vegan spaghetti bolognese

This Spaghetti bolognese is super healthy and it won’t make you gain weight because it has no carbs.

What you need:

A spiralizer
A food processor/ blender

To make the spaghetti:

6 small courgettes

To make bolognese:

Chop up raw mushrooms or marinated mushrooms (I used portobello)

To make cheese: 

1 hanful of raw cashews
1 small clove garlic
pinch sea salt

To make the sauce:

4 large tomatoes
1 clove of garlic
1 slice of lemon
Good salt and pepper
1 tbsp of mixed spice
5 sundried tomatoes (soaked)
2 tbsp of olive oil/ hemp oil

What you do:

1) Spiralize the courgettes in a spiralizer machine or use a hand spiralizer.

2) Mix all ingredients in blender to make sauce on medium setting.

3) Pour over mushrooms

4) Grind the cashews to a powder. The add to a food processor with the sea salt and garlic and process till garlic is chopped

Garnish with fresh basil, serve.