Converting to a raw food diet

When trying to convert to a raw food diet it is important to be gentle with yourself. The way to approach it is not to treat a raw food diet as a diet. A diet implies that you are confining yourself to a certain strict way of eating which you do not enjoy. If you do not enjoy it then you probably will not be committed to it. So, listen to your body and find foods you can eat which support your health. If you put yourself in a box such as raw food only, or vegan only then you can make life difficult for yourself, you may also not be serving your body in the best way. It would incredibly ignorant to say that one diet works for everyone, we all have different body types, different constitutions and a different relationship with food so all this must be taken into account when we decide what we should eat. Only you know what is best for you at this time, it is up to every individual to experiment and find out for themselves what they like.

By choosing healthier foods everyday you will begin to form new patterns in your brain when it comes to taste, and what you prefer to eat. The tastes that you have come to love from foods are attached to memories and experiences in your brain. People are addicted to tastes and say things like ‘I can never live without meat’. If you were to live without meat for a few weeks you would find something else to eat which you might like. You might eat more of that for a little while, then maybe you might say ‘I cannot live without eggs.’ Tastes are just a products of habits, because we have eaten a particular food for a long time we have developed a certain taste and possibly an addiction to it. If we start to change our eating habits then we develop new favorite tastes. It is not the food you like taste of it is the experience of eating the food. Many of us are eating emotionally, we are eating to feed our emotional body and not to optimally feed our physical body.
People are attached so much to the taste of foods that they disregards all kinds of other important information about the food such as; is it from an animal? How was the animal slaughtered? How was it cooked? Are these vegetables organic? Where did this food come from? How did it end up on my plate and what other man made ingredients are in this food? When buying something from the shop or ordering a meal in a restaurant these are the questions you should be asking yourself if you want to stay healthy and not burden your body with too much stress.
There are many many raw mock cooked recipes available either online or in raw food preparation books. You can make mock lasagna, mock spaghetti, mock pizza, and mock burgers, anything is possible! Experiment with making these new recipes and a whole new world of possibilities will open to you. I have found most raw food cuisine to taste so superior to cooked cuisine I would never go back!
There are only few people who can convert to raw food straight away and never go back to cooked foods again. It is not because they are better than anyone it just might be right for them and they have the type body that suits it. Do not compare yourself to such people, you must look after your own body and find out what is best for it. A 100% raw food diet is not right for everyone especially if you are living in the northern hemisphere.