Become an Immortal Superfood health hero

After a 50 km bike ride today I picked a kilo of strawberries. I got a few weird looks walking down the street munching strawberries because it is not the norm. It’s more normal to eat or drink something toxic?! What an upside down backwards world we live in?? Sometimes you have to push yourself to eat more fruit and veg than you think you can or you should, it’s social conditioning which destroys our health, people believing that we should not eat like that because of some out-dated health concept they picked up somewhere.

Such as ‘It must be cooked’ or ‘you have to add something to it’. Some people believe that to eat more than a handful of fruit in one go is not good? It is good! It’s what we are designed to eat! If we want to achieve magnificent levels of health we have to go beyond what is the ‘norm’. It has been proven that eating a regular SAD diet will most certainly NOT make you healthy and glowing!

So what is the solution?? Do the opposite, cook less, do NOT rely on grains and meats to be the staple of your diet, sprout grains like mung beans and lentils, and eat them!!! Eat organic fruit and vegetables, blend some bloody spinach and cucumber, drink the cleanest water you can get your hands on. If you can do that then you are on your way to becoming an IMMORTAL SUPERFOOD HEALTH HERO!