• We provide a Fresh Juice bar and vegan catering at festivals, markets, parties and events. 

      We believe that food and drinks should be fresh, healthy and full of vital nutrients... We only use natural fruit and veg with added plant-based formula's.

      On the menu there is a range of Freshly-made juices, Smoothies, Superfood elixirs all made while you wait. Food and drinks should be tasty and good for us and that's what our menu has achieved.Even our famous Green smoothie is delicious! Try hang-over cure after a big night, or liquid sunshine with raw turmeric, ginger, lemon, orange and carrot... For mains we serve award winning Gourmet vegan burgers, served in a brioche bun with salad, tomato relish and vegan mayonnaise.. Good enough to satisfy vegans and non-vegans alike.

      We consider ourselves a eco-conscious company and use local & organic whenever possible. We care about the Earth and use bio-degradable cups, lids and straws.

      We have our own 3m x 3m Gazebo and can provide own electricity if required.

    • A selection of the Freshest Juices & Smoothies. Hot Soup, Veggie Burgers, Vegan Brownies & Cakes. Vegan, Organic, Gluten-Free

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      A selection of the Freshest Juices & Smoothies. Hot Soup, Veggie Burgers, Vegan Brownies & Cakes. Vegan, Organic, Gluten-Free

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    • Hi, I'm the Raw food dude. I really believe that healthy food and drinks should be accessible wherever you are, I want to make market meals and festival food healthy, delicious, and free of intolerances so that everybody can enjoy. My team and I make a variety of fresh juices, smoothies and vegan burgers. I not see the need to consume animal products when you can make great tasting food and drinks from the plant kingdom. 

      We make everything fresh from our gazebo including out own nut milk, and even raw chocolate hazelnut spread!

      There have been a lot of studies that indicate meat and dairy are not doing us any good such as the China study which is the largest comprehensive study of vegetarianism ever conducted. I also use bio-degradable cups, straws and cutlery to reduce our waste. The Earth is in trouble and we should all do what we can to stop destroying it or to lessen the burden. I hope big companies will soon see the light and start to use bio-degradable packaging and products.

      Fresh juices can work to cleanse, heal and rejuvenate. They contain a wide spectrum of nutrients and essential sugars. Superfoods such as chlorella, bee pollen and goji berries have a much higher density of nutrients and contain unusual properties which are hard to find elsewhere.

      We trade at Private events Farmer's markets, well-being events, and festivals in the U.K






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    • Wow! A fine selection of delicious juices!

      Susan Harrington

    • The service was excellent!

      Julian Baker

    • A neat and tidy stall with an excellent selection of food and drinks.

      Jasmine Kay

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